Port forwarding on a Yamaha NVR500 Router in Japanese

Recently had to set up port forwarding on a Yamaha NVR500 router in Japan (the router was in Japan, I was not!).

Google Translate was definitely my friend, as was http://alex.goodchilduk.com/2012/04/05/port-forwarding-on-a-yamaha-nvr500-for-ssh/ which pointed me in the right direction.




Find the Advanced options and Advanced Settings and Information – detailed setting of the basic connection.


You can either set basic port forwards, or as I have here used a DMZ host to forward everything to the Sonicwall behind it.

The button with Japanese characters on is the OK button. Router did reboot, or at least re-connect its internet connection, as I was kicked off, but it reconnected pretty quickly.

Reconnecting an Office 365 mailbox with an on-premise user

Hybrid Office 365 setup. User account is created on-premise, AD is synced, and then the user is licenced as an Office 365 user. Exchange won’t create the Remote User forwarder, so the user will only receive email from Office 365 (and external if the MX record has been switched to Office 365).

You can join the account up with the command:

Enable-RemoteMailbox Username -RemoteRoutingAddress “username@tennent.mail.onmicrosoft.com”

That will create the Remote Mailbox on Exchange with the forwarder email address.